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Now you can find the email addresses and contact information for your long-lost friends from QCS. Look under the year that they WOULD have graduated from QCS, even if they did not actually graduate from QCS. Likewise, if you want to be listed on The Contact List, you will be listed under the year that you WOULD have graduated, even if you technically graduated from somewhere else. Please send me all the contact information you have, for any years, for any person! I need your help in building this page into a meeting-place for former QCS students. Please, ransack your address books, scour the Internet, call your parents. If you have someone's email address, chances are someone else would like to have it. Please send all contact information to me personally.
CLICK HERE to go to The Contact List of names and email addresses, and find the year that you would have graduated! Don't forget the special section for teachers and faculty members at the bottom! CLICK HERE to ADD your name or someone else's name to the list, or to EDIT your contact information, or to DELETE (why?) your name from the list.
Please visit the "QCS Connections" Discussion Board and join in the conversation! Check out the Links page for links to other websites about QCS and Haiti!
UPDATE 02/24/03
Added 8 new names and edited some contact info. Notice that the updates are now infrequent, so requests may take a little while. Peace...     -Billy
UPDATE 09/10/02
I added many new faculty and student emails today. Sorry for the slow updates, thanks for your patience. Also, please check out Carla Bluntschli's new travel/tour venture, Haiti Travels. And please remember September 11th with peace in your hearts. "Let Us Not Become the Evil We Deplore".     -Billy
UPDATE 06/27/02
31 new names & emails were added to the Contact List today, and 11 of them are former faculty members, which is very cool. A big thanks to Els Vervloet, who helped spread the word and encourage people to add their email addresses to the list. By my count, there are now 169 email addresses on the Contact List. And it hasn't even been a year yet! Keep on truckin'....     -Billy
UPDATE 05/27/02
Today I added some more names and emails, and made some corrections and updates. Here's something cool.... If you wanna see your name in the search engines, go to and search for your name and "qcs" right after it. This website will probably pop up in the #1 position...     -B
UPDATE 03/23/02
I just added 14 new names. Keep sending those names in, and keep spreading the word. Have a great Easter!     -Billy
UPDATE 02/18/02
I have added a Photos link to the menubar. Check it out, and send in your photos so we can see how silly you look. Ha! I kill me. Remember Alf? Ah, those were the good old days.... Anyway, enough of that. There has been some talk of a QCS reunion this summer, so go to the Discussion Board and read all about it. Also, the first ever QCS Group Chat will be held on Saturday, February 23rd, at 3pm EST (12 noon Pacific time). Go to the Discussion Board and get the details there. Be there or be square. Or be a triangle, see if I care...     -Billy
UPDATE 01/06/02
Added some names to the Contact List. We started with less than 20 names, but now there are over ONE HUNDRED names and email addresses of former QCS students! Woohoo! Also, I think I've figured out a way to post photos of ourselves, so go to the Discussion Board for full instructions. Thanks everyone, and keep sending me any email addresses you have. Spread the word!    -B
UPDATE 12/18/01
I just finished adding 46 new names and email addresses to the Contact List. WOW! Each class got at least one new addition, with some classes getting as many as 6 new names added. I am so glad to be a part of this site, and watching it grow like this is the best reward. Again, if you have any other email addresses that are not listed here, like brothers and sisters or classmates, send them to me! Remember to bookmark this page and check back often for updates. And go check out the Discussion Board to see what's cookin'. See you around!    -Billy
UPDATE 12/06/01
Added several new names to the Contact List. Added the nifty updated news bar on the left. Pretty cool, huh? Also added a nice dissolve effect when you enter the page. Dude, I rock.     -B
UPDATE 11/10/01
Changed the format slightly. Now, the first page to load is the Home / Updates page, with the Updates underneath. The Contact List (names and emails) is now on a separate page. I added several names/emails to the Class of 1997. Keep sending me those names and emails! Please scrounge around for any email addresses you can find. Also, I would like to ask (beg) everyone to PLEASE go to the Discussion Board and either Post a New Topic or Reply to a message that someone else has posted. Registration is not required to post a message, and I would really like to see that board hopping with conversation. If you have any free time at all, please consider posting a message. There WILL be a quiz on this tomorrow (oops, sorry, flashback)...      -B
UPDATE 11/03/01
Well, we are off to a great start. Thanks to everyone for making this website a success. I added a new section for the Class of 1990, with 14 new names in it! I also added names to various other classes, so check 'em out. Look in the Faculty section for the email address for a person that we all remember very well...... Thanks to everyone who sent in new names and emails. Keep sending me all the email addresses for your brothers, sisters, and anyone that attended QCS. We need to find everyone! Also, if you can, PLEASE go the the Discussion Board and post a new topic or reply to a message.  Thanks!    Billy

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