FCE RealMedia® Video Clips

This page contains links to RealMedia samples of videocassettes that FCE offers. In case you aren't familiar with RealMedia, it is a browser plug-in that allows you to view mini-movies on your computer screen. You will need to download the plug-in that is specific to your computer. Get the RealPlayer plug-in by clicking here.

After you have downloaded and installed the RealPlayer plug-in, click on one of the links below to sample one of the videos offered by FCE. Simply clicking on the link will open the movie right in your browser. Depending on the capabilities of your computer, the movie will either begin loading immediately and continue to play while it is being downloaded, OR it will download the entire file first and then play it. You may also right-click on the link to save the movie for later viewing.

The Rabbi's Gift

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Searching For Community

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