"How to Get Rich in Mail Order"

By Melvin Powers

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I have always been fascinated by those individuals who begin with little more than an idea and a dream and eventually convert those two unrefined bits of ore into a fortune.

Leonard Carlson took a $1 personalized rubber stamp and parlayed it into Sunset House, the multimillion-dollar catalog-sales firm.

Anastasios Kyriakides came here from Athens at age 15 with only $72 in his pocket and is now the "father" of the Lexicon, that amazing little computer translator which can be a lifesaver when you're traveling in a foreign country.

Frederick Mellinger, nearly broke in 1947, decided to design women's clothes from a man's point of view, and now his California-based Frederick's of Hollywood grosses millions.

Joseph Sugarman failed, time and again, until he began to sell low-cost pocket calculators and digital watches and now this young marketing guru is the head of a $50 million-plus consumer electronics organization.

These four entrepreneurs, and hundreds of others in our country, have something in common. They became success stories after they learned how to sell their products to the consumer by mail order.

Selling by mail (either through advertisements in the media or direct mail) is one of the last American outposts of free enterprise where an individual can begin on little more than a shoestring and, with persistence, motivation, and luck, become wealthy. How wealthy? Estimates vary, but it's safe to figure that approximately $200 billion of merchandise is being sold directly to consumers at home each year, and that may be conservative.

If you've ever had an itch to look into this lucrative field and didn't know how to begin your exploration, let me recommend a new book that will answer every question you ever had about mail order and plenty you never thought about. How to Get Rich in Mail Order, unlike many books on the subject that are so replete with charts and diagrams that one dozes before page nine, was written by a talented mail-order expert with a long and successful track record. Listen to him, from his opening chapter:

I am Melvin Powers—writer, editor, publisher, lecturer, and executive head of the Wilshire Book Company specializing in self-improvement books. I have been a book publisher and mail-order entrepreneur for more than 25 years, selling millions of dollars' worth of books and products, utilizing mail-order techniques almost exclusively.

During those years, I have learned that the mail order business, despite its mundane image, is a highly creative endeavor. You will better understand this once you start to open the envelopes and watch the money pour out.

Like most businesses, the world of mail order is one in which there is a direct correlation between what you are prepared to put into it and what you will eventually take away from it. But unlike many, it is a game unfettered with restrictions and qualifications—and for that reason, it could be the best game in town. The opportunity for success is available to all. There is no distinction in terms of social background, job, or affluence. No particular skills are necessary, nor is education required beyond that which is provided in my book and the supplemental reading program suggested. Play by the rules, follow the guidelines, meet the challenges squarely, and the only limit on how much you can earn is that which you set.

As with anything else, the prime catalyst for accomplishment in the mail-order field is motivation. Given this incentive, the determination to succeed and the guiding hand of one who has already successfully established a business, and you are well on your way.

In this large-format book, crammed full with fascinating examples and illustrations as well as sage advice, the author provides a firm guiding hand while mincing no words. If you're looking for an easy way to earn a fast buck, this is not the book for you. Throughout the book, you will, again and again, encounter statements that sound as if they sprang from a master of self-help, and that's only natural, I guess, when you consider that Mel Powers's publishing company, Wilshire, over the years, has published such success classics as Think and Grow Rich, I Can, Psycho-Cybernetics, and The Magic of Thinking Big.

For example:

Each of us is unique. Each of us has a personality and temperament distinct from others. We each have individual hopes, desires, and ambitions. It is by virtue of these individualities that each of us brings to a business venture a different approach from that used by someone else. It is this uniqueness I want to encourage and develop, for it is the element which will eventually spell success. If you have not yet been as successful as you would like to be, don't be discouraged. In reading this book, at least you are doing something about it—taking constructive steps to bring it about. A failure in the past does not preclude a future that can be extremely successful. Monetary and personal success begins with a correct mental attitude. Knowing someone is successfully mail ordering lobsters from Maine....or selling apples from the state of Washington should be good news for you. If he can do it, so can you.

Just a few of the chapter titles will give you some idea of how much this book can teach you: "How to Make Money With Classified Ads," "The Unlimited Potential for Making Money With Direct Mail," "How to Start and Run a Profitable Mail Order Special Interest Book or Record Business," "Melvin Powers's Mail Order Success Strategy—Follow It and You'll Become a Millionaire," "How to Get Free Display Ads and Publicity That Will Put You on the Road to Riches." "Questions and Answers to Help You Get Started Making Money in Your Own Mail-order Business." After you have read this book, written in a style that is never dull or stodgy, you just might get the urge to try what you've been talking about for years—starting a business of your own. And here's one that you can test while you're still working at your regular job.


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200 Illustrations
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