Learn to Hold an Audience Spellbound and Master the Art of Casual Conversation.

Speaking expressively and effectively to other people is an enviable trait that guarantees you an attentive and respectful hearing when you express an opinion. It opens doors of business opportunity that might otherwise remain closed. And it assures you of a warm welcome in the best social circles.

Like it or not, the way you speak largely defines who and what you are in the minds of others. Today, regardless of your field, you must be able to speak in public. Whether you are making presentations to business organizations or sales forces, customers or colleagues—or conversing with friends and family, how well you speak greatly affects your professional and personal success.

Public Speaking Made Easy is a down-to-earth, practical guide for anyone, young or old, amateur or professional, who finds that he is required to or wishes to speak in public. It is also teaches how to become a polished casual conversationalist. The book was written by Thomas Montalbo, a seasoned public speaker with over 25 years of speaking and speech-writing experience. His proven formula for speech writing and delivery will take your speech capabilities to new heights. Whether you want standing ovations from large groups of executives or want to achieve a new level of casual conversation at small gatherings of friends or family, you can do it better, sooner, and easier than you ever thought possible—using the tools and techniques found in Public Speaking Made Easy.

You'll discover the secrets of history's most effective speakers. This indispensable guide is a Speaker's Hall of Fame, revealing invaluable research about the speech writing habits and platform styles of scores of illustrious figures, amplifying this with excerpts from their greatest speeches.

You needn't stumble from one platitude to the next, nor punctuate your speech with ahs...ums...and y'knows, groping for words to express what you want to say. It's easy to speak eloquently when you use the tools and materials found in Public Speaking Made Easy. Try them and see!

You'll learn how to:


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