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What is IMAGI all about?
IMAGI Discount Books is about providing quality self-help and motivational books to people with a desire to change their lives. These books have been proven to impact the lives and habits of those who read them. By using a "virtual bookstore", IMAGI is able to reduce overhead and pass those savings on to you.

Are these REAL books?
Absolutely! The books for sale on this site are NOT pamphlets, booklets, "reports", or any other sort of half-book. They are full-fledged softcover books with attractive covers and high-quality paper. Most measure 5.5" x 8.5", unless otherwise indicated.

How can they be so cheap?
As stated before, by using the Internet and a "virtual bookstore", IMAGI is able to eliminate the cost of a real-life bookstore. Furthermore, providing books straight from the publisher allows for incredible savings, all of which are passed on to you.

How do I order a book?
Just click on "ORDER FORM" and follow the directions. It should be pretty straight-forward. If you have any questions, just contact us.

Complete Category Listing

Astrology -- Bridge -- Business & Study -- Calligraphy -- Chess & Checkers -- Cookery & Herbs -- Dogs -- Gambling & Poker -- Health -- Hobbies -- Horse Lovers' Library -- Horserace Gambling -- Humor -- Hypnotism -- Internet & Technology -- Judaica -- Just for Women -- Marriage & Sex -- Mail Order Secrets -- Metaphysics & Occult -- Recovery -- Self-Help & Inspirational -- Sports -- Tennis Lovers' Library

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