by John Archer

As any gambler knows, 21 (Blackjack) is the best gambling "buy" in Nevada and in casinos around the world. A 21 player, pitted against only the dealer, has an even chance of coming out ahead - if he or she knows the fundamentals of the game and applies them unemotionally. You are shown how to win, even in a multiple-deck game.

The greatest motivation for playing 21 is the enjoyment of the game. But it's even more fun if you are a winner! The author, in trying to master the strategies set forth by other masters, found innovations of his own. He found a shortcut, a key, for deriving useful ratios without having to keep a mental account of the cards. If you learn it, you will win. His is a winning method and it can be mastered by any serious player. His system promises a probability of always winning something every time you play!

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