A Practical Guide to Becoming . . .


Dr. Rachel Copelan

This book has been written for:

  1. The nine out of ten women who are not able to reach orgasm every time they have sexual intercourse.

  2. The many women who fake orgasm sometimes, and the others who fake it all the time.

  3. The vast majority who are limited to clitoral sensation and believe that sex offers nothing more.

  4. Every woman who wants to reach her highest potential of sexual responsiveness and satisfaction.

This fascinating and informative book emphasizes woman's role in improving her sex life. Of course, a man can help by being unselfish and by providing effective preliminary stimulation, but the woman herself must eliminate the basic cause of her resistance and become proficient at maximizing her enjoyment.

Women who want to live fully must get to the deeper truth about themselves. They must be more aggressive about learning how their genitals work and how to release the dynamic power of the orgasm. Ultimately, a woman must free herself, because it is her own inside thinking which shuts off the instinctual peak of feeling necessary for orgasm to occur. She must be aware of how her mind and body affect each other. And she must then bring them back into harmonious concert—the natural state before negative conditioning sets in.

Unfortunately, this is not taught in schools. A woman must learn it for herself. This book has been written to help her do just that. No matter how severe a woman's negative conditioning, it can be corrected. And it's never too late. One is never too old to love or to be loved.

Dr. Copelan's sexual reconditioning program gives step-by-step guidance on how to attain greater heights of sexual happiness—no matter at what level one begins. It teaches how to develop good sexual habits and eliminate old, self-defeating ones. It helps restore woman's ability to function as nature intended—freely, sensuously, spontaneously, and capable of great satisfaction and fulfillment.


  1. Causes Of Female Sexual Inadequacy, Page 1.
  2. Vital Stages Of Female Development, Page 35.
  3. Childhood Exploration (Discovering The Genitals), Page 53.
  4. Puberty And Adolescence (Discovering Each Other), Page 61.
  5. Masturbation (Some Positive Factors), Page 72.
  6. Homosexuality (The Close Girlfriend), Page 85.
  7. Premarital Sex Affairs (Experience And Experiment), Page 99.
  8. Married Sex (How To Make It Better), Page 119.
  9. 'Frigidity' (Don't Blame Him...It Could Be You), Page 143.
  10. Complete Orgasm (Clitoral And/Or Vaginal), Page 155.
  11. Seven Steps To Sexual Satisfaction, Page 176.
  12. Step 1 Self-Awareness (Pertinent Questions To Ask Yourself), Page 186.
  13. Step 2 Auto-Suggestion (Suggestions That Intensify Sensation), Page 199.
  14. Step 3 Body Relaxation (Mental Exercises That Release Tension), Page 214.
  15. Step 4 Sexual Breathing (Some Ancient And Some New Ways To Increase Energy), Page 226.
  16. Step 5 Self-Imagery (Use Sexual Fantasy To Get Rid Of Inhibitions), Page 238.
  17. Step 6 The Sex Muscles (Exercises That Tighten The Vagina And Awaken The Nerve Endings), Page 253.
  18. Step 7 Sensory Awakening (How To Focus On All Five Senses To Expand Pleasure—Wake Up: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste), Page 271.


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