A Practical Guide to Becoming . . .


By Dr. Rachel Copelan

What man hasn't dreamed of being a completely fulfilled and fulfilling lover--of scaling peaks of ecstasy with his woman right up there beside him? In his wishful thinking, man is always superb, but in reality, he sometimes secretly wonders if he is even normal.

There's a wide expanse between being "normal" and reaching one's top potential as a lover, and few men manage to bridge that gap in their lifetime. Yet, the difference between being grossly inept and highly skilled as a sexual partner is simply a matter of know-how and practice.

Although today's women are assuming increasing amounts of responsibility for their own sexual pleasure, "satisfying a woman" is still considered by society to be the criterion for judging whether or not a man is an adequate lover. A woman's body is in his charge and he is "supposed" not only to satisfy himself, but to guarantee that she will also enjoy sex and reach an orgasm. No matter in what other areas of endeavor he may succeed, a man still strives for a woman's stamp of total approval, the assurance that he is "all man."

No one becomes an expert at anything instinctively. The art of lovemaking is not transmitted automatically by genetic inheritance. It is a behavior pattern that anyone with sufficient desire can master. A good lover is self-made by becoming consciously aware of his role in relation to his partner. He is thoughtful about her needs and confident that he has sufficient control to make the experience memorable. This kind of awareness goes beyond the body's instincts. It combines training the mind and body, involving the emotions, and freeing the spirit.

The Sexually Fulfilled Man tells you exactly how you can make each sexual encounter an improvement over the preceding one, until you become the best lover you are innately capable of being. You will do it not merely by altering techniques, but by altering your basic thinking and improving your physical ability to bring pleasure to yourself and your partner. In addition, you will learn what a woman expects from a man and what you, in turn, should expect from her.


  1. LOVERS ARE MADE, NOT BORN--How early training influences a man's ability to function in later years. Mother-lovers make better all-around lovers.
  2. HOW A BOY BECOMES A MAN--Early sex misinformation. The problems of puberty and adolescence. The part masturbation and pornography play in a boy's life.
  3. WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A MAN--The struggle of living up to the demands of the masculine image. Impossible standards cause unnecessary anxiety.
  4. HOMOSEXUALITY: A NEW VIEW--Is it inbred or is it inborn? Some new research on the biochemical factors. How to determine if you have a physical predisposition toward homosexuality.
  5. SENSE AND NONSENSE ABOUT WOMEN--What a "normal" woman is supposed to be. Her responsibility toward sex and marriage. What a man can do to help a woman reach orgasm. Facts and fallacies about "positions."
  6. A NEW LOOK AT AN OLD PROFESSION, PROSTITUTION--The effect of sexual permissiveness on business. Who the customers are and why they go. The differences in social status between whores and call-girls. Case histories.
  7. SEX WITHOUT MARRIAGE OR BABIES--Campus sex life, middle-age bachelorhood; both indications of a new sexual lifestyle. Free love and male contraception. Latest reports of researchers on new methods of birth control.
  8. IS MARRIAGE OBSOLETE?--Some fresh ideas on how to take the monotony out of monogamy. A new kind of marriage, easy to get out of and entered into purely for pleasure.
  9. ALCOHOL: RELAXER OR PARALYZER?--How much is too much and how you can tell when to stop. How alcohol interferes with the ability to sustain an erection. Why men drown their sex drive in alcohol.
  10. HAS YOUR SEX LIFE GONE TO POT?--Is marijuana a stimulant or a depressant? What causes a "bad trip" and how to avoid it. How much of the high is suggestion and how much is chemical?
  11. OVERCOMING IMPOTENCE PROBLEMS--Some case histories of impotence in young men as well as older ones. What causes a man to lose his ability to hold an erection, his mind or his body?
  12. FIVE STEPS TO INCREASED VIRILITY--Are you operating on a lower rung of your sexual potential? A planned program to lift you to the highest level of male virility, increasing and releasing the male sex drive.
  13. BODY AWARENESS--The importance of nutrition for extra stamina. What to eat and what not to eat. A chart of helpful vitamins and special "sex foods."
  14. EXERCISES FOR SEXUAL PROWESS--Three basic body exercises to make you physically fit as well as visibly fit. "Super sex" exercises that train the hidden sexual muscles. Increasing erectile control.
  15. GETTING RID OF EXCESS TENSION--Putting your mind and body into harmony. How to improve your sexual vibrations to attract the opposite sex. How relaxation increases the flow of circulation to the genitals.
  16. DYNAMIC SEXUAL BREATHING--The sex secret of Yoga: Genital breathing for extra potency. How to prolong the orgasm by breathing in a newly discovered way.
  17. THE ART OF AUTO SUGGESTION--How to command your genitals to behave as nature originally intended, with total virility. Ten power-house suggestions that work toward sustaining an erection.
  18. HOW TO USE SEXUAL FANTASY--The art of imagination to change a negative self-image to a positive one. Building the sex fantasy that helps you get the most out of the experience.
  19. LIBERATE YOUR FULL SENSUALITY--Sensory awareness and increased perception. Learning how to recognize your sensual hang-ups and how to get closer to a woman through hers.
  20. THE SENSUALITY OF SIGHT, SOUND, AND SMELL--Sexual pleasure starts with seeing, hearing, and smelling. How our culture has both de-humanized us and de-animalized our instincts. Using full sensory involvement to increase the pleasure of intercourse.
  21. WAYS OF TOUCHING AND TASTING--How to make the most of your sense of touch. Games to play where no one is the loser. How to give a massage and bathe. Sexual wrestling for increasing passion.


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